Covering approximately 500 square miles of Britain’s woodland, Ash is the third most common tree species in Britain, after Oak and Birch. It is a native and large, deciduous tree with pale grey bark.

Ash is one of the toughest hardwoods available, able to absorb shock and withstand pressure without splintering. It’s due to this strength and flexibility that Ash has been used for years – from when Anglo-Saxons used it to make spears and tools to its current popularity in furniture making.

Ash trees can grow to a height of 35 metres and usually grow together, with most reaching an age of between 200-250 years old. They respond to sunlight with their leaves moving in its direction and sometimes the whole tree leans in the direction of the light.


So why do we use Ash?

Ash is a beautiful wood to work with and given that it’s both flexible and strong, this allows us to create stunning worktops that are durable and yet retain the character of the wood.

Our Ash worktops are fairly straight grained with wide spacing and distinctive streaks ranging from light to medium browns. Ash is often confused with Oak due to the similarity in graining and texture.


Resourcing our wood carefully

All of the wood that we use has FSC certification. This means that we can trace the origin of the wood from the forest to your finished worktop. This ensures the quality of the wood itself and on a wider scale, we know that as a business, we are working ethically with social and environmental benefits.

We offer a range of styles for your European Ash worktop – choose from Block style, Wide Stave, End Grain Block Style and End Grain Wide Stave. Not to mention the choice of grades, offering Character and Nature.



It's all about choice - from the wood to the grade to the finishing touches - create your own bespoke worktop.



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