Sapele (or its official name Entandrophragma cylindricum) is a large tree, native to tropical Africa. It can also be known as aboudikro.  

As a member of the Mahogany family, Sapele is often used as an alternative to Brazilian Mahogany due to its similarity in grain and colour. The colour tends to darken with age.

Growing to approximately 45 metres tall, wood from the Sapele tree is commonly used for flooring and furniture, but it is also widely used for musical instruments. It is used for the back and sides of acoustic guitar bodies as well as the neckpieces of ukuleles and harps.

Its popularity doesn’t stop there. In fact, Cadillac, the American car manufacturer, uses Sapele wood for the interior wood trim in its cars.


So why do we use Sapele?

With its similarities to Mahogany, Sapele gives your worktop a rich colour with the medium to dark reddish browns.

With Sapele, the grain is interlocked and can sometimes be wavy, with a fine uniform texture.

Resourcing our wood carefully

All of the wood that we use has FSC certification. This means that we can trace the origin of the wood from the forest to your finished worktop. This ensures the quality of the wood itself and on a wider scale, we know that as a business, we are working ethically with social and environmental benefits.

We offer a range of styles for your Sapele worktop – choose from Wide Stave and End Grain Wide Stave. Our Sapele worktop is available with a Nature grade




It's all about choice - from the wood to the grade to the finishing touches - create your own bespoke worktop.



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