Elm is a deciduous tree that is native to southern and eastern Europe. It was probably introduced to the UK by Bronze Age farmers and has been here ever since. Growing to approximately 30 metres, Elm can live for more than 100 years.

Elms are found in many natural forests but during the 19th and early 20th centuries, they were also planted in parks and streets throughout Europe, North America and Australasia.

Traditionally Elm has been used to make a wide range of products including furniture wheel hubs, floorboards, bows (during the middle ages) and even coffins.

However, Elm is also known for its resistance to water. Because of this, Elm has been used to build boats and boat parts and was even part of the construction of the original London Bridge. What’s more, before metal was widely used, Elm was also used to make water pipes – including in Bristol, Reading, Southampton, Hull, Liverpool and interestingly, in Exeter where Pure Tree is based!


So why do we use Elm?

Elm is a strong and durable wood, with a tight-twisted grain. The wood bends well and is also quite pliable, allowing us create stunning worktops for our customers.

It’s the perfect wood to choose if you are looking for a statement worktop. With its beautiful medium brown colour with distinct annual rings, the wood itself has a large natural colour variation


Resourcing our wood carefully

All of the wood that we use has FSC certification. This means that we can trace the origin of the wood from the forest to your finished worktop. This ensures the quality of the wood itself and on a wider scale, we know that as a business, we are working ethically with social and environmental benefits.

We offer a range of styles for your European Oak worktop – choose from Block style, Continuous Stave, Wide Stave, End Grain Block Style and End Grain Wide Stave. Not to mention the choice of grades, offering Character and Prime.



It's all about choice - from the wood to the grade to the finishing touches - create your own bespoke worktop.


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