Solid Beech Worktops - FSC Certified

Fagus sylvatica

Beech is a popular hardwood – being both hard wearing and strong, it is also flexible, allowing us to produce beautiful worktops for your kitchen; yet at the same time, being able to work within your budget.

With its strength and flexibility it is a lovely wood to work with. To produce our Beech worktops, we lightly steam the wood – this reduces movement once its in place but also produces its well-known pale pink-brown colour.

Our beech worktops are ideal for staining or dying and are perfect for projects on a budget.

We offer a range of styles for your Beech worktop – choose from Block style, End Grain Block Style and End Grain Wide Stave. Not to mention the choice of grades, offering Character, Nature and Prime.

Resourcing our wood carefully

All of the wood that we use has FSC certification. This means that we can trace the origin of the wood from the forest to your finished worktop. This ensures the quality of the wood itself and on a wider scale, we know that as a business, we are working ethically with social and environmental benefits.

About our Beech?

Beech is a large tree that thrives when grown on drier, free draining soils such as limestone or chalk. With a typical lifespan of between 150-200 years (taking 40 years to reach full maturity), Beech is capable of reaching heights of up to 50 metres.

As well as being a popular and well suited wood for furniture production, Beech is also used for things such as boatbuilding and even musical instruments (piano pinblocks) – at Pure Tree however, we prefer to use it with worktops!



It's all about choice - from the wood to the grade to the finishing touches - create your own bespoke worktop.


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