WOCA Patina Disc


  • Improves the penetration of WOCA Worktop Oil
  • Can be used for the removal of marks from oiled wooden surfaces

(Exclude VAT £9.73)



WOCA Patina Discs are designed to be used in conjunction with WOCA Worktop Oil, to increase the penetration of the oil and produce a smooth finish in one application.

For best results use the WOCA Patina Discs in conjunction with a Rubber Sanding Block in the direction of the grain whilst the worktop is wet with oil. Remove excess oil after use.

Patina Discs can also be used for removing marks from oiled wooden surfaces without scratching.

Warning: Rags, pads or waste soaked with oil or gel may self ignitre if improperly discarded. Immediately aftr use, place all rags and waste in a sealed, water filled bag or bucket for proper disposal.

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